Organization of Events

With extensive experience in providing high quality entertainment services such as TV productions, concerts, theatrical performances, fashion shows, conferences, seminars, openings, exhibitions and special events, we provide comprehensive services for the organization of an event in all prefectures of Crete.

Analysing each event individually, our strategy is based on four main pillars: 

-Design                     -Promote 
-Edited by                        -Execution

Each axis requires specific actions, such as for example: finding the right venue, choosing the right partners, finding sponsors, planning and implementing the advertising campaign, insurance coverage of the event, supervision of the whole event, execution of the event, etc. 

All these are services for which our company and its executives, with consistency and responsibility, guarantee the maximum possible result of any demanding project.


Our company has the ability to represent well-known artists and artistic groups, covering any entertainment event, while safeguarding the artistic and financial interests in an objective manner and adapted to today's standards.

- Artists - Musical bands  
- Actors                              - Theatrical ensembles
Presenters                        - Models  
Dancers                                 - Dance groups  
- DJs                                          - Wizards / Zogler

Emphasizing on the tourism of our island and with many years of experience in folklore shows, we have complete folklore groups and small local groups that have the ability to present in small or large tourist units, in an authentic way, all the music and dance tradition of our island and Greece.

We also support and promote young people with talent, in every form of art, providing all the necessary skills to start a proper professional career.


Through our modeling agency in Heraklion and in collaboration with Cristi Models of Mrs. Kristi Krana, we have boys and girls, who with consistency and professionalism can respond to TV commercials, fashion shows, photo shoots, as well as any activity in the broader field of entertainment and beauty.

For all the above actions, through the special booking, there is also the possibility of providing branded models with nationwide recognition. 

Also, having a complete team of photographers, stylists, hair stylists and make-up artists, we undertake any kind of photography in all prefectures of Crete (Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion, Lassithi). In addition, we provide photography studios with the appropriate equipment for any indoor project.


Advertising and promotion are two areas where our company provides high quality services. Having an organized promotion department, with consistent and good-looking girls, we successfully undertake any promotional action for products or services, both for businesses in Crete and for businesses of national scope, such as:

- Distribution of printed brochures            - In store promotion
- Promotion of cigarettes                          - Promotion of beverages 
- Special events                                     - parties
- Exhibitions                                               
- Inauguration  
- Seminars                                             - Sampling

Our company has additional integrated advertising services such as:

- Corporate identity creation - Poster creation
- Creation of a radio spot - Creation of a TV spot
- Outdoor promotion                            - Poster hanging workshop 
- Social media management                     - Prints

Also, our cooperation with the most authoritative media in each city of Crete, enables us to achieve the best possible deals on behalf of our clients.


Our company has a casting department for participation in TV series, commercials, fashion shows, artistic events and all kinds of productions.

We have people of all ages and appearances who can successfully cope with any kind of television or artistic activity that will be requested.

Castings can take place at our company's premises.

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