About Us

"Inspired by the director and decades-long entrepreneur in the field of entertainment and entertainment George Zach. Asariotakis (bio), his son George C. Asariotakis, founds in 2004 the Cretanart Productions, in order to make use of all his father's artistic archive and experience".

Cretanart Productions operates mainly in Crete and was created to meet the increased needs of the island for organized and multifaceted entertainment.

Always aiming at the proper entertainment of the audience, the our company constantly presents major entertainment productions, cultural and artistic events. In collaboration with the most reputable artistic and cultural organizations, it has held major concerts, festivals, numerous live performances of artists and various entertainment events, with the participation of famous and renowned professionals from the showbiz world.

With extensive experience in providing high quality services in the field of entertainment, such as television productions, concerts, theatrical performances, fashion shows, conferences, seminars, openings, exhibitions and other special events, our company provides complete services for the organization of an event, representing alongside famous artists, bands, actors, models, presenters, etc. 

Via the only model agency based in Crete, our company has a large portfolio of boys and girls, who with consistency and professionalism, can respond to any professional project, such as: TV spots, video clips, fashion shows, photo shoots, sampling, etc. At the same time, having an organized promotion department, we can consistently undertake any promotional action for products or services, as well as provide casting services, for the selection and participation of people in all kinds of productions.

Η Cretanart Productions retains the exclusive rights to the production and organisation of the "Pancretan Beauty Contest" and the "Pancretan Vocal Competition". Productions of our company are also the "Akti Music Festival" which presents music producers and DJ's of international fame, the seasonal fashion shows entitled "Cretan Fashion Delight" and The "Greek Folklore Festival", a two-hour music and dance performance featuring traditional dances and songs from all over Greece.

Through the various productions, our company is constantly discovering people with talent and a desire for artistic creation. These individuals are prepared, guided and then promoted in the entertainment industry, with the result that many of them have so far pursued a remarkable professional career. In addition, our company is constantly enriching the large archive of exclusive partnerships it already has with notable local singers, experienced musicians, accomplished dancers and professional models.

Our executives, having long experience in the field of entertainment, process and exploit every new and original idea, always with a view to quality and positive artistic result. With absolute transparency and solvency, we safeguard the interests of artists and entrepreneurs in the sector, imposing conditions of honest competitiveness.

Consistency, respect and reliability are the three basic elements that characterize our company Cretanart Productions, which is why it has been a leader and pioneer for almost 20 years in the field of entertainment.

Cretanart Productions is a member of the Panhellenic Association of Organizers of Cultural Events (PADPE).