Pancretan Beauty Contest "Miss Crete"

The Pancretan Beauty Contest "Miss Crete" is a television production that has been running continuously since 1979, with the aim of promoting Cretan female beauty all over the world.
In cooperation with the Panhellenic Pageant and Mr. Vassilis Prevelakis, the competition has in the past highlighted many Cretan beauties, who have had a remarkable professional career in the field of entertainment and beauty.
The Pancretan Pageant has so far counted numerous successes, both at national and international level, so that it has established itself as the most prestigious regional institution of its kind.
Top models, actors, actresses, artists and celebrities from the world of showbiz and lifestyle participate every year in the competition, which is broadcast on TV.

Pancretan Vocal Competition

The "Pancretan Vocal Competition" has been held continuously since 1994 and aims to promote young talents with vocal skills and love for singing. So every year, in a glamorous evening, the contestants, accompanied by a live orchestra, perform songs of their choice and the jury, which consists of renowned artists, musicians and personalities of the field, evaluates their performance and stage presence. Taking advantage of the public visibility that the competition provides them, as well as the proper guidance of our company, many of the winners of previous years are now working as professional singers, while some have gone on to have remarkable recording careers.

Cretan Fashion Delight

The fashion shows entitled "Cretan Fashion Delight" have been held since 2006 in various cities of Crete, with the aim of showcasing selected products and businesses from the clothing and aesthetics sector. Specialists and experienced partners of our company carry out substantial market research and select reliable companies which through their products and services wish to promote the new fashion trends to the female and male audience. These are seasonal fashion shows of high standards, which are accompanied by branded and renowned names in the field, as well as models of our agency, which consistently and professionally meet the requirements of the season.

Akti Music Festival

The "Akti Music Festival" takes place every summer at the municipal coast of Karteros in Heraklion. It is a music festival in which leading Greek and foreign DJ's star, where in combination with the ultimate in quality sound, special visual shows, dance and many more special effects, offer a unique extravaganza to the audience. Dave Seaman, Anthony Pappa, Satoshi Tomiie, John Acquaviva and Terry Francis are some of the names that have been on the festival's decks in the past.

Greek Folklore Festival

Wanting to contribute to the upgrading of our island's services in terms of the tourism industry, we organized the "Greek Folklore Festival". It is a two-hour music and dance performance in which traditional dances from all over Greece are presented with their respective authentic costumes and timeless songs by composers such as Theodorakis, Hadjidakis, Xarchakos etc. The production consists of 9 musicians, 10 dancers, 5 singers, 2 technicians and a presenter, who translates the programme into three different languages.


With the aim of offering organized and multifaceted entertainment for the general public, we have organized major concerts all over Crete, in open and closed venues such as the Pancretio Stadium, the Municipal Stadium of Chania, etc. With absolute consistency and professionalism that such events require, our company has managed to successfully present the biggest names in the field such as: Anna Vissi, Antonis Remos, Elena Paparizou, Haris Alexiou, Paschalis Terzis, Yannis Kotsiras, Despina Vandi, Stelios Rokkos, Michalis Hatzigiannis and many others, offering entertainment to thousands of spectators.