Matala Beach Festival 2023 - Line up

One month left for the biggest music event of the summer and Matala is preparing to welcome again this year a large number of people during the three days of 23, 24, & 25 June.

For 10η The Matala Beach Festival, an institution established by the love of the people, promises again unique moments, moments of magic and carefree moments, moments from that decade when under the Matala sky the "flower children" lived freely.

Matala Beach Festival is one of the biggest music festivals in Europe with free entrance, where it combines fun and relaxation and at the same time offers the opportunity to all people of all ages to escape from the stress of everyday life and enjoy a three-day event full of music, dancing and many activities, next to the famous beach with the caves.

Once again, our company Cretanart Productions, undertook the organization, editing and execution of the line up of the festival, on the stage of which great bands and leading artists of Greek and foreign music will perform, such as Thanasis Papakonstantinou, Locomondo, Tonis Sfinos, Invasive, 48 Hours, Rootsriders, ABBA Revival etc.


Friday 23 June

Thanasis Papaconstantinou

With the addition of new partners and a renewed programme, the "battle" for the right to dream will be fought - right from the start.

Song: Alkyone, Yannis Litainas, Alexandros Ktistakis. Musicians: Dimitris Mystakidis, Giorgos Angelakis, Phoebus Anthis, Thanasis Vallas, Apostolis Giagos, Nikos Diminakis, Leonidas Kiridis, Konstantinis Pistiolis. Technicians: Makis Pelopidas, Themis Dimitrakopoulos (sound recording), Christos Lazaridis (lighting), Kostantis Papakonstantinou (stage manager).

ABBA Revival (The Tribute to ABBA)

The award-winning ABBA Tribute Band "Revival" was recently voted the Official No. 1 ABBA Tribute in the UK by the UK Agent's Association. Revival's famous ABBA stage show has proved a hit time and time again in the UK and around the world, thrilling audiences from Europe to the Middle East and just recently the band were invited to perform a 5 day tour of ABBA's home country, Sweden.

The performance includes faithful choreography, impressive and authentic costumes, stunning production and most importantly, excellent musicianship. ABBA Revival takes their audience on a musical journey back to those heady pop-tastic disco days when ABBA ruled the dance floor! They are guaranteed to get everyone dancing and the biggest party lovers will be making shapes in no time.

AC/DC Tribute Gang

Arguably one of the greatest rock n' roll bands of all time, AC/DC have certainly made their mark worldwide with a string of sold-out concerts spanning several decades. Creating great masterpieces that are still adored by millions of people even 40 years later, AC/DC is undoubtedly one of the most influential rock bands of the 1970s.

Even though the world has seen their members change many times and the band itself move from highs to lows, AC/DC remains an iconic rock n' roll band that still stands impressively and still stirs up excitement to this day.

The "AC/DC Tribute Gang", with many years of experience in the domestic and not only music scenes, have "embraced" with respect the music of AC/DC, have studied it, have "stepped" on it to offer you with passion, strong AC/DC nights! For those about to rock...WE SALUTE YOU!

Tassos Vrettakis (vocals), Giorgos Diamantis (bass), Vassilis Kottos (guitar), Giorgos Goutis (guitar), Alexandros Alexiou (drums).


Loopia was formed in 2013, consisting of Antonis Voumvoulakis on guitar, bass, keyboards and loops and Iris Tsigara on vocals and voice loops. Drawing inspiration from musicians around the world, they started experimenting with sophisticated musical instruments, technological tools and live looping techniques in order to search for new sounds. Through these experiments, their first original compositions were born, such as "Sinuk" with symphonic orchestration and video clips in the style of a short film, "Jupsee" and "Papagei", where they collaborate with the distinguished drummer, Alexandros Drakos Ktistakis.

In 2020 they welcome the excellent young drummer Nikos Sygletos to the band and Loopia is now a trio. Since then they have been performing in big festivals in Crete and the rest of Greece. In 2022 they are distinguished in the Athens Concert Hall competition in collaboration with EDEM and take part in the festival of the competition. 2023 finds them in the process of completing their first personal work entitled "QUESTATE".

Saturday 24 June


One of the most famous, young and beloved bands in Greece, comes to our stage to give an unforgettable concert party. With a mixture of reggae, ska, latin, rock and Greek traditional rhythms, Locomondo manage to stir up audiences of all ages and unite us all in a great company of endless dancing.

Having travelled many kilometres in stages, and having performed countless live performances, they know very well how to give the pulse and stir up the audience with their "upbeat" rhythms and their favourite songs, such as "Not cold in Greece", "Magic Carpet", "80's" and "rap, ska, reggae, hip-hop, dub, ska, reggae, onedrop".

Locomondo was founded in 2003 in Athens by Markos Koumaris and Yannis Varnavas. Since their beginning, their songs have been on the playlist of various European stations. In 2005 they travel to Jamaica and record with legendary trombonist Vin Gordon - the first time a Greek band has recorded in Jamaica. Two years later they open Manu Chao's concert in Malakasa.

Since then they have been on a steady upward trend. They have recorded more than nine albums and have played in some of the biggest concert venues in Greece and abroad, such as Germany, France, Italy, Bulgaria, Turkey etc.

Locomondo are: Markos Koumaris (vocals, guitar), Yannis Varnavas (guitar, vocals), Stamatis Goulas (keyboards, sampler, vocals), Spyros Besdekis (bass), Stratis Angelos Soudris (drums), Christos Kalaitzopoulos (accordion, vocals). Christos Spiliopoulos (trombone, vocals), Nikos "Tattoo" Vlachos (trumpet, vocals).


Elias, Intruder, Liakos, Eishvo. The many "faces" of one of the top Greek rappers need no introduction. Coming from the hip hop mother of Athens, Galatzi, he was there from the beginning giving voice to a whole generation.

Invasive comes to this year's Matala Festival, with a full band and full energy, for a unique live show where everything has its place: music, company, fun, social reflection. Where rap is combined with rebetiko, blues, Mediterranean music. With apt rhymes and melodic refrains. Because Liakos is constantly evolving. He catches the tempo of the times, is not afraid of change and moves forward. Constantly topical, never complacent and always creative.

Liakos Papanikolos (rhymes, vocals), Andrianna Achitzanova (vocals), Vangelis Karapetros (violin, guitar), Spyros Vryonis (guitar), Nikolas Kanas (keyboards), Konstantinos Spiliotopoulos (bass), Sotiris Duvas (drums), George Verykakis (sound engineering).

48 hours

During their 19-year run, 48 Hours has been a staple of TV shows for 8 seasons and has performed hundreds of live parties from Greece to Sweden, the United Arab Emirates and the Canary Islands.

48 Hours are coming to get us up and dancing! We won't say much. We'll let the message of the band's frontman Vangelis Panagopoulos explain it to you: "Put on comfortable shoes because we will burn a lot of calories together!"

The Skelters (The Beatles Tribute)

The Skelters, the premier rock band present the successful musical tribute to the most important band of all time, The Beatles. This tribute started in 2006 and since then it has been organized dozens of times with great success in many venues all over Greece.

The Skelters take us on a journey with tracks by the "Beetles" from the beginning of their career, from their first album "Please Please Me" to their last recorded album "Abbey Road", as well as several of the singles they released in the period 1963-1970. In addition, songs from the Skelters' two albums "Explain To Me" (Pan Vox, Lyra) and "Revive" (New Dream Records) can also be heard.

Sunday 25 June

Toni Sfinos

Rumor has it that the spirit of Tony Wedge was born in Matala. Others claim that Tony lived in the caves of Matala in the 1960s with the hippies and others want him to stay there with them forever.

The only sure thing is that this summer, Tony's Sphinos returns to Matala, a festival that he personally loves more than anything else since he participates in all the events that started in 2011 and with his fun, his concerts and his love for the people, he has given us unforgettable moments and deeply imprinted in all of our hearts.

The well-known performer and presenter, with 13 years of experience in entertainment, comes with his band in a unique program with old favorites and modern hits. A great musical retrospective from the 60', 70', 80' and today, arranged with the unique sound of the explosive artist.

A wild party full of fun and dancing with his multi-talented band which consists of 5 musicians who dance and sing. Together with Tony Spinos, the singer Varvara Nebi and the actor Antonis Papailias in the role of "Lola" who you know better through his participation in the TV show j2us which he won. Tony Sphinos with love for what he does entertains the audience like no one else that's why he is always popular with young and old.

Performers-musicians: Antonis Papailias (vocals, prose), Varvara Nebi (vocals, dance), Lefteris Papamalis (conductor, keyboards), Yannis Karanasios (saxophone, vocals), Alkis Dimos (bass), Thanos Sfendourakis (guitar, vocals), Konstantinos Rigas (drums), Giorgos Barogiannis (sound engineer).

Rootsriders (Bob Marley Tribute)

1973 was the year of the international success of Bob Marley, the undisputed king of Reggae, with the album "Catch A Fire". With its sultry and uplifting rhythms, socially engaged lyrics and a message of universal love, Bob Marley and his band "The Wailers" quickly became one of the biggest musical sensations of that decade. Very young, he was only 36 years old when he died of cancer in 1981, yet he left behind a very large and impressive catalogue of music.

The Rootsriders, one of the most famous Bob Marley tribute bands in the world for years, put this iconic album in the spotlight, 50 years after this discovery, with which the band shows once again why they have become "the best Marley tribute band in the world" (according to BBC Radio).

The Rootsriders were once formed to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Bob Marley's death and since then the band has become a valuable part of the Dutch live music scene. In early 2022, the band made it to the finals of a new television competition by the creators of "The Voice" in the Netherlands.

The Motiff

The Motiff, a rock band with an alternative and melodic sound, are coming for the first time to rock the Matala Beach Festival. The band was formed in 2018, and shortly afterwards they released their first album "Distance". They have participated in the biggest festivals and events of the island and have shared the stage with artists such as Locomondo, Nightstalker, Magic De Spell, Endelechia and others.

In 2023 there were significant changes in the band's style, sound and roster, with the biggest change being in the lead vocals. Ioanna Pateraki is now on vocals and together they will present "Distance", as well as new tracks from the upcoming album.

Members: Ioanna Pateraki, Lefteris Tsagliotis, Manos Liapakis, Markos Mastorakis, Kostas Vitsakis.

Alone Together

The local music band "Alone Together" will perform unforgettable songs of great artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Ten Years After, Cream & ZZ Top, taking the audience back to the '60s and '70s era.

The countdown to the biggest event of the summer has begun!
Entrance to all concerts and activities will be free of charge.

For more information:

Line up: Cretanart Productions

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