Matala Beach Festival 2023

We are pleased to announce that our company has taken over the organization, editing and execution of the line up for Matala Beach Festival 2023!

This year's 10th Matala Beach Festival will have an anniversary character and returns after three years of absence due to a pandemic.

The next Matala Beach Festival will be renewed and unique, offering much more than what we are used to. A celebration of culture, fun and joy, in one of the most distinctive heritage sites, the famous Matala Caves.

The dates are already booked: 23 - 24 and 25 June, all roads lead to Matala to the most musical festival of the summer organized by the "Matala Monometochial Municipality of Phaistos S.A." in cooperation and co-organization with the Municipality of Phaistos and the Cultural Association of Matala Pitsidia.

As every year, this year too, one week earlier, on June 18th, Matala Street Painting 2023 is organized to fill Matala with colour and wonderful messages of peace, friendship and love.

At this year's festival, nothing will be the same as before. In its 10th anniversary edition, the Matala Beach Festival 2023 comes to change the standards once again, but also to prove that the heart of festivals in Crete beats loudly in the south.

This year, no one will be missing!

More information and announcements coming soon.