Christmas Eve celebration with Eleni Hatzidou at the Garden of Senses

On Sunday 24 December, Christmas Eve, the Garden of Senses in Heraklion welcomes the explosive Eleni Hatzidou and invites us to a rousing musical revival with all her hits and a rich folk program! With her Nikos Delidakis.

Eleni Hatzidou, raised in an environment with a lot of music and singing - her father is a rebet singer - this path was inevitable. With steady steps she managed to emerge in the field and to win the impressions. Her collaboration and appearances with Pantelis Pantelidis brought her the successful song, " Hirotera", with lyrics and music by the same.

The continuation was even greater as her collaboration with Phoebus with the song "Apoψή mou", established her both in the radio airplays and in the nightlife of Athens.
Since then, one success followed another as all her singles, "I won't wait for you", "My View", "Now I can", "You are my whole life", "Obsession" have been a huge success both on the official IFPI Air Play Chart and on YouTube!

In June 2016, Eleni's first personal album was released with all her greatest hits. The continuation brought even bigger hits, the songs "I will come out", "The worst 2018", "Right and Wrongs", "Little Eleni", the remake of "Ingratitude" with music and lyrics by Phoebus, "You will go no further", "I am trembling all over" stirred up the audience that loved them from the first hearing. Her latest single is titled "Mia und uniqueness"!

Eleni already has fanatical friends who follow her at every show where panic really reigns and the fun is red hot!

In the summer of 2020, Eleni will take her first step in the country's television events as the main presenter of the Open morning show "Summer #Not", while this year she and her husband Eteocles Pavlou are the main presenters of the Star Channel's morning show "Breakfast @ Star".

Tel. Reservations 2810 287875
Doors Open 23:00

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