Giorgos Kakosaios for a unique evening at Kooba Seaside Experience

Giorgos Kakosaios, the talented folk singer is coming for a unique performance at Kooba Seaside Experience in Heraklion, to perform live all his great hits, on Saturday 15 June.

George Kakosaeos is a typical case of the apple falling from the tree. From his father, Yannis Plutarchos, he inherited not only his soulful voice, its range and wonderful timbre, but also his strong presence on stage. Although she is one of the latest additions to the Greek music scene, she has managed to steal the show early on. And not because he is the son of Yannis Plutarchos but because he has a talent that hardly goes unnoticed and which he cultivated in order to develop it and did not rest on the strength of his family name.

Giorgos Kakosaios who belongs to the Panik Live family is not only a singer but also a musician. He plays the guitar excellently while he is also involved in composition and lyrics and has written songs for his father Yannis Plutarchos, among others.

Some of his hits are: 'Lies all', 'Eros μοιάζει', 'Don't tell her', 'It's Christmas for this', 'The Mia', 'Who is she', 'Saturday Evening', 'Do us a favor' and his latest song 'Titoia Hora, tzoia zhoia words'. All of his songs have been loved by the audience and have been hugely popular, soaring up the charts and trending on youtube.

Start time 20:00
Tel. Reservations: 6936 778800 - 6977 619139 - 6981 845641

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