Mariza Rizou comes to the Garden Theatre

I don't think there has been another year that has found me more eager to live. This impatience has nothing to do with the vanity of the stage (only), but mostly with something I feel we've all missed so much. The meeting.

I wish to reconnect with my friends on stage, to get close to the Menta team that organizes the live shows, to travel with Tasos driving, Semina next to him talking to him so he doesn't fall asleep, Agapitos telling his "special" jokes, Maria stressing about whether we will have people trying (usually in vain) not to stress me out, Dimitris never stressed and always with nice cologne and Eleni via emails letting us know what time to be and where to take the boat or the van.

All this, of course, to meet you. Otherwise none of the above will be meaningful. We will see you on islands, squares and beaches in Greece and Cyprus. I hope to receive as many emails as possible! I look forward to being with you again! Have a great summer!

Markos Haidemenos: keyboards/arrangements, Angelos Aivazis: guitar, Panagiotis Kostopoulos: drums, Giorgis Mouchtaris: bass, Semina Papalexandropoulou: lighting design, Agapitos Kataxakis - Elias Karoubalis : sound design

Info: Mariza Rizou - Wednesday 15 July / Garden Theatre "Nikos Kazantzakis"
Opening time 21:30 - Doors open at 20:30
Ticket prices: advance sale 12€ - at the entrance 15€
Pre-sale: Eleftheroudakis Bookstore - Public -

Sponsors: Minoan Lines - Cristi Academy - Kastella 
Communication sponsors: Music Club 105,8 - Kiss 9,61 - Alpha News 106,2 - Mikrofwno 

Organised by Cretanart Productions

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