Halloween in Agios Nikolaos starts next Saturday 11/02 with Tony Spinos

Tonis Sfinos, a well-known performer and presenter, with a 13-year history in entertainment, is coming this year during Halloween in Agios Nikolaos and specifically in the central square of Agios Nikolaos, on Saturday 11.02.2023 at 20.30, with his band in a unique program with old favorites and modern hits.

A great musical retrospective from the '60s, '70s, '80s and the present day arranged with the special sound of the explosive artist with disco nuances. A concert full of fun, dancing and smiles.

His multi-talented band consists of 5 unique musicians who dance and sing with him, the singer and actress Varvara Nebi and the actor Antonis Papailia in the role of "Lola", whom the audience got to know better through his participation in j2us.

Tony Wedge entertains young and old with love as he only knows it so well.
Are you ready Ray!!!!

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